My Cake Wreck

I made this cake last week, in a week when I took too much on (saying no is not my forte!) I had problems from the start – firstly I forgot to put holes in the cake cards between the tiers, so had to turn my ganached cakes upsidedown to make holes (for the center dowl). Then I coloured the fondant too dark – so I had to add white to lighten it and I now have an excess of blush fondant! Then came to the stenciling, the bottom and top tier went ok, but I just couldn’t get the middle tier (which is stenciled at the back as you can see there is a 360 view of the cake at this venue!) to work – I don’t know why but I did it six times before it even came remotely close and I still wasn’t 100% happy with it. Then when I stacked it, the bottom tier cracked! I must have made the dowls a little too short! At this point (I was also on a really tight time deadline) I just sat there and cried! Then I rememberd watching an episode of Ace of Cakes ages ago where they’d had a similar problem and they used royal icing to fill in the cracks – so I tried it and it worked! Then came to the delivery – the venue is at the end of a very bumpy historical road so I was terrified and you guessed it, the bottom tier cracked – again! Lucky I had my royal icing repair kit with me though and after carrying the cake up and down two flights of stairs, setting it up, fixing it up and photographing it, I got back in my car and just about cried again (with relief). I was totally cake wrecked after this cake!

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Goreti ...

I feel for you. I can’t imagine the stress you felt. I could not make someone’s wedding cake so I have to give and everyone who does lots of credit. It is a beautiful cake. I’m sure the couple were thrilled!

Lisa Templeton ...

Kerry Its beautiful! What a lot of Stress you poor thing! I know how stressful wedding cakes that dont go right are xxx You have ended up with a stunning cake that I am sure the couple will be over the moon with!! x

Ciccio ...

Stunning Kerry, you poor thing having so much stress with it, but you saved the day, and that is all that matters, & now you have to talk someone into a blush cake or lots of roses (a great way to use up fondant (I usually freeze mine if i have excess, then tint to a colour I can use)

Eat Cake ...

Thank you Goreti, Lisa and Jo I am hoping the couple loved it! I appreciate your kind words :)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

What matters is that you did it!!! It´s BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!!! Amazing job!!! xxx

Eat Cake ...

Thanks so much Ana! Almost wanted to put down my spatula after this cake – almost……. :)

miettes ...

Love this cake and wow, what a horrible day you had :-(((
Glad it all worked out well !!

Eat Cake ...

Thanks Dina, have filed it in the do not think about it again file in my brain :)

Sublime Cake Creations ...

Cake looks fab despite all the drama… and the Venue!!!! What an amazing place to put the wedding cake.. but yes it wold have to be flawless all around!!

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My Cake Wreck