Ed the Skull

Wow what a challenge! This was carved from a stack of 8" cakes, and my first major carving. It was pretty tough to make a sphere shape from a block and to also keep the sticky out bits where they should be! Once I had the carving and the covering out the way I could finally get excited and unleashed the blood splatter on it :)

I have pictures of the skull carving etc on my facebook page in the ‘up close and personal’ albums xx

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Tea Party Cakes ...

You did a great job!

Little Cherry ...

Thank-you very much :) Im no good at 3d shapes really! LOL

Michal Bulla ...

Scary, but very nice :)

Little Cherry ...

Lol Thank-you Michal. Im into horror movies so this was a real fun project for me, I was almost going to put an exposed brain round the back but thought that may have been too much LOL

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Ed the Skull