Can i be 23 again ! Number cake

Number 23 cake. i really had fun doing this , really love the stripe effects and the gold with the pink worked really well for me. oh how i truly wish i were 23 again lol hope u like it.

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Michal Bulla ...

Well done!

Que's Cakes ...

thank you :-)

Goreti ...

very nice!

Jrod327 ...

how can i get this cake? or make it? my sister is turning 23 and this is perfect !!!!!!
pleasee reply!

Que's Cakes ...

hi sorry for late reply, i live in Smethwick Birmingham, so if you are near then i would be of help to make:-)

What i did was to bake 2 cakes using an 11" rectangle tin, then i printed my templates of the number 2 and 3 , then carve the cakes in the shape using the templates.

I then butter cream the whole cakes and smooth. I then rolled out my fondant, i used the mat to help me blend in the pink stripes into the white fondant,( or you can apply these after you have covered your cake with fondant), smooth and neaten the fondant icing on the cake with a smoother.

For my edible toppers i used pictures for the remote and the BB phone. I placed them on the fondant then i cut them out and leave them to dry.The bracelet was made from a bead mold, crown and lips were molds also, these were made using fondant the was colored slightly with gold icing color so that when i paint them with gold it takes less painting and or dusting or spraying which ever you decide to use. Shoes were cutters and that thing that looks like a plane lol that was hand made. Flowers were cutters too. ( i used radiant gold dust that i mixed with vodka to get my gold paint ). you can also buy gold spray at asda

Everything on cake was edible except for the diamonds on the plane and shoes. i do hope this helps and good luck. ooh i decorated cakes on separate boards then transfer to main board with a cake lifter, then added the toppers, you can also cover your cake board with a color fondant of you choice it gives a good look.

anything else just message

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Can i be 23 again ! Number cake