Chocolate car for 10 year old

I made a mould from my husband’s diecast corvette and then made this out of chocolate. The cake is an ice cream cake so the top is removable, up on stilts.

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BellaCakes & Confections ...

Wow Karen this is great! It looks awesome! What a great idea to make a mold and do it this way its perfect. It looks like you and I get a lot of the same types of cake request. I like you xbox and remote. I made a cake similar. That’s whats great about this site is seeing the different techniques people use to do the same things! :-)

Karen Seeley ...

LOL!! How funny – YES!! I just looked at your cakes and you have MONKEYS!! YAY!! I am doing a monkey baby shower in May. I love this site. I even love it better than Cake Central now.. I don’t like their new system and we seem friendlier over at this site!!

BellaCakes & Confections ...

Yes exactly couldn’t agree more about this site! I love it!

if you need any help with the monkey’s heres a great link on how to make the faces! You may have already seen it, I love her work!

Goreti ...

Looks great. What a great idea about making the mold!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Love this cake Karen! Your car is so realistic looking. I too was inspired by Diane’s monkeys for my grandson’s 1st birthday. The tutorial was very helpful!

Karen Seeley ...

Thanks Toni and Goreti! Diane, I didn’t see the link when I read your message earlier! THANK YOU!!

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Chocolate car for 10 year old