Vibrant summer garden cake

This is the first time I am writing a tutorial, so I hope you enjoy recreating this all buttercream designed cake:
I baked and cut a 1/4 sheet cake in half and layered it with icing between the cakes as you would with any layer cake. I then frost the outside in buttercream icing until smooth, using any buttercream icing you prefer and dipping icing spatula in very warm water to aid in smoothing icing.
I then start making buttercream flowers, such as Roses on a flower nail, and the rest of the flowers are piped directly on the cake. I used Sunflowers (leaf tip #352 in 2-3 layers of petals & grass tip center #233), Poppies (#150 tip or #104 in 2-layers of petals with grass tip center #233), Hydragnea’s (tip #102 with four petals and #2 single dot center), Drop flower dip for 2-toned draping flowers (#131, & #2 center), Jonquils (#352 leaf tip for outer petals in one row, and #3 tip to spiral up center for cup effect, and #2 top scroll around upper edge of cup), Mums (tip #143 in multiple rows of smaller petals graduating to top center), Zinnia’s (#17 graduating petals up to center). You can find all these directions for buttercream flowers online or Wilton book.
I mixed up the colors and did several colors of poppies, and hydragnea’s. Use your judgement in what you like. I placed one flower at at time, from the top, and then draping over the sides.
I also used two tones of green to fill in with leaf tip #352 where needed between flowers.
When I finished placing all flowers on top, I then put stems for small piped 3-4 petal white blossoms (like orange blossoms), and white buds all around sides of cake from the bottom up.
My finished touch was to add a grass boarder with tip # 233 piped all around the base edge of cake in 2-tone green.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and i hope i did a good job explaining~ :) Happy cake making~

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Lovely job!!! Thank you for sharing!!! welcome to CakesDecor!!! xxx

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Vibrant summer garden cake