Small Rose Bouquet

Small Rose bouquet for friends business years ago. Yes it was paid work.
It was at this point I had to give up decorating for 4-5 years due to severe back problems.
I still have the problem but it is much better and manageable so long as I do not sit long.

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Cecilia -


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Shawna McGreevy ...

gorgeous Cecilia!!

Goreti ...

beautiful—I totally understand about back problems. It is why I don’t do paid cakes. There is no way I could do it regularly (not if I want to walk).

Cecilia ...

My back problems were actually caused by doing my ex husbands accounts on the computer. It was the computer that killed my back and so now I have slipped discs. This was terrible as it destroyed my only chance of being able to do what I wanted to do for a living which is making sugar and cake art.

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Small Rose Bouquet