Pocket God Cake

Once again my teenage son wanted a cake for his current game fad. Much to my dismay.
At first I refused as I doubted my ability to produce it and he once again insisted. Everytime he wanted something added I got stressed and said I cannot do it. He said he knows I can and and I must just do it. I have to say i got very stressed about it however his never ending belief in my abilities made me force myself to believe what he said even though I did not believe it myself and so I did the best I could. I was relieved when it was over however it gave me the courage to try the next cake which was the minions made for my partner.

This Cake is representative of the different Islands of the Game Pocket God.
Each corner of the cake is decorated to represent the closest Island on the cake.

the Sea is made of chocolate and the islands of Sugarpaste. The tree with the spiderweb is made of chocolate.

There are many islands and corners and so I have uploaded the islands seperately as cake toppers if you want to see them.

The Islands are very small and so the pictures are closeups.

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Pocket God Cake