5 tiers of cake and handmade sugar flowers

Ok, so there always seems to be problem when I am making or delivering my cakes. 4 kids certainly adds to the chaos and the ability to make my brain leave, taking its memory with it. So this time, after 3 hours sleep, a few last minute made flowers and an intervention-style-delivery by my sister and her toddlers (my sister was worried about me driving that far on that little sleep) the cake and all 5 of us arrived in one piece, albeit leaning a little to one side. Apparently its one long left hand turn all the way from Illawong to Mosman. Arriving with an hour to spare, and all three kids asleep I was able to get the Cake was set up and the lean fixed when the awful realisation hit that something had been left behind……..all 3 kitchen cakes. I knew exactly where they were, even sans brain; perfectly ganached, boxed and sitting in my back fridge. Without enough time to make it home and back before the Bride and Groom entered the reception room as Mr and Mrs, we made the executive decision to scour the bakeries/pattisseries in Mosman and track down 3 mudcakes. 2 hungry nieces and a nephew, increasingly frustrated at being strapped into their carseats were appeased with brightly coloured Macarons purchased from one of half a dozen bakeries I had the pleasure of visiting. In the end it cost me well over $100 but mudcakes were secured, purchased, delivered and peace was restored once again.

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Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Beautiful! :) x

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

What an adventure???? Still it´s a great job!!! Beautiful!! xx

Michal Bulla ...

Beautiful cake ;)

Bakedincakedout ...

Oh no must’ve been so stressful for you! Very beautiful cake though!

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5 tiers of cake and handmade sugar flowers