Hi tea anyone?

Just got back from delivering this beautiful cake to a wonderful family.

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

So pretty!

Dis Sweet Delights ...

Thank you

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Fabulous Di! And I LOVE the little teddy peeking out the top :) xx

Rhiannon McQueen ...

awww… this is adorable!!! …I would love to know how you made the cup and saucer ;) Gorgeous!

Rhiannon McQueen ...

Is the teapot made from cake or rice crispies? Beautiful :D

Dis Sweet Delights ...

Thank you,
The tea pot is made from a 6 inch cake, hand carved.
The cup and saucer are made from fondant with CMC powder. I just moulded it from a china cup and saucer that I had.
First I put cornstarch on the saucer and in the cup so the fondant does not stick to them, then Roll out your fondant and and lay it on your saucer, lightly rub your fingers all around to get the shape and then cut the edges off.
For the cup I just rolled a large strip into a C shape, then place it in the cup starting at the handle side and moulding it around the cup. Work your way around so the fondant takes the shape of the cup. You will have a crease where the fondant joins together, That’s where I put the handle. I did leave a whole in the bottom of the cup as I needed that to go on a dowel.
The teddy sat in the cup hiding the whole. and securing the cup to the cake.
Hope this helps.:)

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Hi tea anyone?