Baby buggy/polka dots

Daily Top 3 - Sep 23, 2012

1/4 sheet iced in buttercream with mmf decorations

Tags: baby shower green blue

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caymancake ...

This is so adorable! I love it!

Peggy Does Cake ...


Priscilla ...

So cute how did you get so detailed with the decor?? Did you use a Cricut Cake??

Corrie ...

Thanks guys! MiVida, I’ll just come out and admit it- I’m Anti-Cricut, lol…I’ve never used one but from what I’ve researched it seems that anyone could just roll out some fondant and use an exacto knife or cutters to achieved the same or better look in half the time it takes to use a cricut. A much better investment is in a Kopy Kake Projector and plenty of exacto knife blades!

Stephanie Dill ...

Adorable. You’re piping is always flawless.

SarahBeth3 ...

So cute! The color combination is perfect and the details on your baby buggy are impressive! Very sweet. I am also Anti-Cricut. I think if I used one I would feel like I cheated…but that’s just me. :) Well done on this one, Corrie!

erin12345 ...

Beautiful color combo! I’m just so amazed by the very creative details that you add to each cake. Inspiring!

Tea Party Cakes ...

Love the baby carriage!

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Baby buggy/polka dots