US Marine Corps Birthday

What an honour to be asked to make the 242nd birthday cake for the United States Marine Corps 242nd Birthday Ball

Please just not a sheet cake. We tired of sheet cakes.
How creative do you want me to get? I ask
As creative as you like. Was the reply.
300 guests at the ball

So here it is
The board was 1m x 0.66m
The cake started with an 18" base hexagon at the base and finished ontop with a 9" 25cm tall Gunnery Sergeant. And topped off with an edible fabric US Marines flag attached to a chocolate paste hand molded US Marines Emblem in gold and silver.
Finished height of just over a meter. 110cm
Cake height at 75cm

As if it wasn’t the most awesome cake to make with so much research into the US marines to know what I was trying to achieve. Setting up at the venue with those incredibly good looking (to say the least) uniformed American Marines around you helping you carry and getting you whatever you need.

What can I say. LOVED every minute 😉

Supplies: structure

Tools: cake decorating tools

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Antonia Lazarova ...


The Moonlight Hare ...

This is AWESOME!!

MsGF ...


Goreti ...

beautifully done

Olina Wolfs ...


Sandra Smiley ...

This is a jaw dropper for sure! I know you far exceeded their expectations! Absolutely gorgeous work, GoshCakes!

Pluympjescake ...


Clara ...

Outstanding work💖

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Oh amazing cake. I bet they were wowed!

GoshCakes ...

Thank you all
Yes they loved it
Have had the most amazing comments from them

DDelev ...


Calli Creations ...

They must have been blown away!!! In fact I’m sure this went far beyond Thier expectations… Its astounding! Love it

Elli Warren ...

Woww!! Looks absolutely fantastic!!! Totally amazing!!! :-) x

GoshCakes ...

Thank you so much

MOLI Cakes ...

Fantastic !!!

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US Marine Corps Birthday