Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my BFF and her mom called me only a few hours before she was leaving for the party!!
the 1 blue candle is for her son’s first birthday and the 3 candles are for my friend, I wanted to put a little sign saying 10x on the candles but didn’t! haha

cake was inspired by andrea’s sweet cake

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Peggy Does Cake ...

Great job! What did you make the “candles” from with only a couple hours’ notice? Fondant over dowels or over real candles or something?

Virginia ...

Hey Peggy! They are fondant over wooden skewers and then I kinda tapered them in! everything was still pretty soft so I was worried it wouldnt make it up to their cottage but I just got a pic of her and her son with the cake so all went well! Funny thing it was a surprise and I posted the pic before it made it up to the cottage so my friend commented on the pic and then she said she woke up and the cake was on her table! ahaha

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Birthday Cake