Proserpina & Plutone

My 2017 starts with this my piece created for Sugar Myths and fantasies Collaboration 2.0.
My work is inspired by Proserpina & Plutone.
Proserpina, daughter of Ceres, was a goddess who took care of the prosperity of the earth. She was abducted by Pluto, king of the dead, whilst she was picking flowers. She the became his wife and was the queen of the underworld. Proserpina’s mother had asked Jupiter to release her daughter and threatened to stop the growth of fruit and vegetables; creating barren lands. Pluto obeyed, but before letting Proserpina go he made her eat six pomegranate seeds because those who have eaten the food of the dead could not return to the world of the living. This meant that she would have to live six months of each year with him and stay the rest with her mother.
Hope you like it.

Supplies: fondant saracino pasta model

Tools: cerart modelling tools

Tags: saracino cerart mythology mythical creature sculpture in sugar paste sugarartist sugarpast #sugarmythsandfantasiescollab pluton cake design myths and legends fondant modelling

Anna Rosa Maggio


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Michal Bulla ...

Amazing, well done!

MsGF ...

Wow! Beautiful work!

Happy Bird-Day BCN ...

Felicidades por tu trabajo!

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet ...

Absolutely stunning xx



Clara ...

Fabulous sculpting 💖💖💖

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Proserpina & Plutone