my first tiered cake

This was my first “tiered” cake. The bottom portion was based on a design I saw on someone’s facebook page. . .now I can’t find it to give them credit for the idea. If anyone recognizes the “idea” please tell me who it came from so that they can receive credit for it (the original was done in oranges and yellows I believe).

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Michal Bulla ...

This one looks great!

Elilovescakes ...

fabulous! great petal technique :) May i ask, what # of tip do you use for this?

jiffy0127 ...

The tip I used for the petal effect was a 12. If you haven’t seen a tutorial, you put a #12 dot on the cake and then pull your spatula through 3/4 of the dot, “smearing” it to one side. Then you do another dot just at the spot that the “smear” starts to fade out. It’s really easy. . .but a little time consuming – especially when you’re changing colors with the rows.

jiffy0127 ...

Elilovescakes, if you look at my teal ombre petal cake with peony, you will see a better picture maybe of the petal effect. :)

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my first tiered cake