Princess Goes off to College

A Going-Away-To-College cake for a Pretty Princess. A few months back, I made her 18th birthday cake. Now, she is off to college… and am so honored to be asked to do her cake again.

This is a decadent chocolate cake with Cookies and Cream Italian Meringue Buttercream filling and Frosted with Ganache, covered in fondant.

About a week before the cake was due, the mom emailed me and asked if I can do a Day Lily ). It is a very special flower because her Dad (Brianna’s grandpa) grew it for her. She sent me a photo of the Day Lily and tried as best as I can to copy it. This one with no cutters, all free hand. :) She teared up when she saw that I was able to incorporate it. (And that’s why we do what we do, right?) :)

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Peggy Does Cake ...

Beautiful work. Beautiful cake. Beautiful little story. At first I thought you were showing us that you picked a flower from your own garden (yes, and this is why we must always READ the captions)! Haha. Well done, my friend! xx

G Sweets ...

Awww… thanks Beautiful Peggy! Especially for reading my caption. LOL :D

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Princess Goes off to College