Doodle's Cake

‘Doodle’, is the young lady who painted on the guitar cake which I made for her boyfriend. (It’s in my photos) She is a young artist in her own write. Her drawings are amazingly detailed. She drew a hand which reminds me of the drawing Leonardo Divinci did of his own hand. She is 16 and she is going places. Her father was just diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and is undergoing treatment for it. Last week, she asked if she could come work with me again, to make a cake for her sister’s birthday. It kind of blindsided me because I have been so busy.
We should never be too busy for those who are in need.
I kind of blew it off at first, but then I remembered her dad. The thought occurred to me that this young lady is super quiet, and would probably just love an hour or two, doing something different so she didn’t have to think about what was going on at home.
I invited her into the cakery and handed her a 1/4 sheet chocolate cake. She didn’t want a sheet cake, she wanted a round cake and had the design all figured in her cute little head. So of course I started chopping a 1/4 chocolate sheet cake down to two 6" rounds so we could layer and stack them.
I said a prayer as I iced them because as you know, chocolate cake with no crust will surely leave crumbs in the buttercream! It worked, no crumbs!
Anyhow, long story longer…Doodle came up with this design all herself. I iced the cake and piped the borders but she did everything else.
I told her I see her working for the ‘Cake Boss’ one day, because she’s just like his sculptor, Ralphie!
When I delivered the cake to Doodle’s dad, he asked, “How much do I owe you?”
I said, “Nothing”. He said, “That’s just not right.”
In my head, I thought, It’s probably the most right thing I’ve done all week.
If you made it this far through reading this, Thanks for sticking with it!

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Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.


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Doodle's Cake