Reptile Themed Birthday Cake

My client organised a fabulous reptile themed birthday party for her son’s this weekend and wanted an extra special reptile themed cake to go with.

Design was left to me – just to include reptiles and a special request for my red-eyed tree frog!

I wrapped a giant scaly fondant snake around the base of the cake. I handpainted his skin in shades of russet and gold. This was eerily real while making and was a little freaky. I then had a red-back spider climb up the middle tier with some grubs coming out of the dirt. The top tier was all about the red-eyed tree frog!

I handpainted the grass around all the tiers and decided to include 3D reeds for added texture. The reeds are just floral wire. I was going to cover in green fondant, but why really??! Even after all that, I felt it needed something a little extra – so I had cascading leaves over the cake – done!

All components of the cake are handmade and completely edible – except for the wire reeds!

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Michal Bulla ...

Very nice!

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

WHOA~ Awesome Work!

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Reptile Themed Birthday Cake