Wedding Cake

Daily Top 3 - Jun 25, 2012

This wedding cake I thought was soo cool when she gave me her design!! I loved it but had no idea those circles would try to kill me! haha… I think my the end of this cake I was seeing circles everywhere I looked!!!
3 tiered wedding cake with 1 inch risers inbetween the tiers! The cake was deliveried to my old job on a sod farm (way before cakes) I have never seen such a dirty old farm look soooo beautiful!!!

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

What! How could there not be any comments yet on this beautiful cake! I love it! You did an amazing job. I can see how those circles would be so time consuming. You must have very steady hands and good eyes!!

Virginia ...

lol thanks!!!! Yea i didn’t drink alot of coffee while do those circles thats for sure:)

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Wedding Cake