Butterfly Princess

For Nicole’s 23rd birthday, she requested pink and girly…hmmm, what to do? I was thinking butterflies, as they’re the universal symbol of change, resurrection, transformation, celebration, young love and the soul. I always think of my kids when I think of them. Then, she mentions princesses, and I’m back to square one! Brilliant Janelle says, “Butterfly Princess!”, and that’s what I did! I thought the roses and ruffles were perfect for a frilly, little girl, and the fading pink to white was perfect for Nicole and went right along with the butterfly transformation theme.
Bottom is strawberry with butter cream frosting, top is vanilla with butter cream.

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Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C. ...

This is beautiful! I love it! I log the texture. So different.

Stephanie Dill ...

Thank you! This is probably my favorite cake.

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Butterfly Princess