Gift Box Cake

A gift box cake I made over the weekend. I made the lid out of RKT and it was an 8" square cake, vanilla bean with vanilla buttercream frosting. The bow is from Royal Bakery’s youtube video tutorial, thanks Lesley!

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Esther @ The Frosted Cake Boutique |


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I Sugar Coat It! ...

Beautiful, Esther! I had to look up what RKT means – imagine my surprise!!! :-) I love the colours. Looks like you have mastered the tappits – they frustrate me to no end. Maybe you can give me a lesson!

Esther Williams ...

Thanks Jacquee! Those tappits took me some getting used to. The trick is after you roll out your gumpaste, leave it on the table for 15 minutes to harden up a bit. This makes the cutting easier. When you press in, move the tappit around to release it from the edges, and lift. If you’re lucky, the tappit will still stay on the matt but released from the rest of the gumpaste so it’s a clean cut. Otherwise it will be stuck to your tappit and you have to carefully peel it off. The gumpaste is still a bit forgiving at this stage so you can fix it a bit if it’s been altered. Hope that helps!

I Sugar Coat It! ...

Thanks, Esther – extremely helpful!! I’ll give them a try using your technique. If no luck, I might just break them into little pieces and stomp on them – or give them away :-). I have been using fondant, but will definitely try it with gum paste. xoxo

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Gift Box Cake