Daily Top 3 - Apr 27, 2012

A Geeky Farewell

My two worlds collided . . . IT and Cake!

The QR Tag actually works (temporarily until after the party). Once scanned, the recipient will be taken to his farewell card signed by all our IT coworkers.

The second picture contains the cake and a copy of the electronic card that shows up in the scan.

Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Buttercream and Chocolate Chips in The Filling
Then Cake was “Iced” with a light coating of White Chocolate Ganache before Being Iced with Chocolate Buttercream. What Can I say, This Geek Loves His Chocolate!

I just LOVE being a GEEK!

Monica Stay Sweet!! www.facebook.com/sweetsbymonica , www.sweetsbymonica.com


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Rene' ...

This is too darn cool! And I think that you are on to something….you need to start this cake ‘rave’!!! Geeks are the best, are they not ;-)?! Great idea lady!!

Monica Hill ...

Geeks Rule! Thank you Rene’!!!

whitecrafty ...

Oh my goodness, if this is not the most clever thing! You really must be a geek to figure something like that out, and make it work in a cake!!

Honey ...

WHOA! I want this for MY birthday! I added the scanner app to my iPhone just to try it…soooo cool!

Jessica ...

Cool idea! My husband is the IT but we are both geeks! Keep up the good work!

Monica Hill ...

Thank you all very much. I love the unexpected and he definitely didn’t expect this. He loved it! I hate to see him go, but I did make him smile! :0)

Rene' ...

Yes they do Miss Monica! You are most welcome! :-)

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