Dark ruffles

Daily Top 3 - Apr 05, 2012

Cake dummy for a photoshoot, better pictures soon! Inspired by many many different cakes including ones from the caketress and a skirt I own :D The ruffles are 50/50 flower paste and sugarpaste. You can’t see here but the black bottom is covered in glitter. Photo by Claire Graham http://www.cgpgraham.com

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Michal Bulla ...

Nice job!

SarahBeth3 ...


Sarah F ...

Gorgeous. How do you attach all the ruffles without them falling off?

SugaredSaffron ...

Thanks! I just used sugar/gum glue and made sure I left a lip on the ruffles that I can attach to the cake. I suppose you could probably use royall icing as well.

Fatcakes ...

love these colours. so glamorous. x

Dee ...

This is so gorgeous.

Melissa ...

Beyond gorgeous!

Reni Hendra ...

Love love love the ruffles! Any tutorial? :-)

alaroch ...

“breathtaking!! Love it!!

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Dark ruffles