Daily Top 3 - Mar 28, 2012

Hot Wheels Birthday Cake

Made this cake for a client. bottom tier is a tire, w/ tire marks, ramp behind the fire ring and a floating car jumping off the ramp. check out more cakes at www.http://facebook.com/perfectindulgencecakesmariacazarez



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Perfect Indulgence Cakes ...

Come see more of my cakes @ http://www.facebook.com/perfectindulgencecakesmariacazarez & hit the “like” button.. thanks!

Michal Bulla ...

I like it ;)

Carrie Freeman ...

that is super cool!

Benni Rienzo Radic ...

Very cool!! You did a fantastic job!!

nncy1 ...

hi,esta precioso el cake!!!! congratulations!!! cuanto puede costar el cake me gustaria para la fiesta de mi sobrino,,thanks

Perfect Indulgence Cakes ...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. <3

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Hot Wheels Birthday Cake