cupcakes for teachers

On my last day of school observation I took some cupcakes for the science teachers who helped me out during the placement. It was so much fun watching all the excitement these brought in the staff room!! Teachers acting like kids and watching over each other’s shoulders to see if their names were in there. One teacher did a little dancy move on seeing her name! Lol. Among all the compliments that I got one was that I am officially awesome! ;) It’s so heart warming seeing that your little gestures can make someone’s day and give them a reason to smile. And believe me when I say that some of the Physics teachers who I never saw smiling once in my whole placement smiled at their cupcakes! :)

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Michal Bulla ...

I like it!

Bakedincakedout ...

Thank you Michal. Means a lot coming from you!

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cupcakes for teachers