Lalaloopsy Rainbow cake

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I made the rainbow cake which I was dreaming of making for a long time! This cake is for my lovely daughter Layla ( the middle one) who turned seven. You probably noticed that I usually make a big fuss about colours and colour combinations. This cake is a complete mix of colours and reflects Layla’s happy, cheerful and bright personality, she is my little Rainbow!

We were at my friend’s daughter’s party six months ago and they had a rainbow cake. So Layla asked me if I can make a rainbow cake for her party. It took me ages to bake, because I only had one tin this size! Opps! But what you can’t do for your own child!!! Also we were at a pre-Christmas party the night before, so we were late home at 10.30 PM. The last thing I wanted to do after the party was to decorate the cake! It had to be finished so worked until 2 AM in the morning and was woken up by my little one at 6 AM, because he was bringing me breakfast in bed! What a lovely boy!!!

Finally, I used lovely Violet’s from the “Violet Cake Shop” tutorial of Two-Toned Petals. Her design of a purple wedding cake was so striking that I really wanted to try her technique.

Here is the links:

or more detailed on her facebook:

The flavours of the cake were Gluten free vanilla cake and Gluten free chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

Thank you for looking!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


P.S. My husband was very exited about the cake too, he said that finally he can eat it ( it wasn’t for order)!:)))

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Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,


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Laura Loukaides ...

Gulnaz, this is amazing!!
The colours are perfect!! Xx

Lisa Salerno ...

I love this cake , soooo striking ! What a good mummy you are xx

The Cake Tin ...

Gulnax this is really lovey, so beautiful and bright. Merry christmas to you too.

CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

What a beautiful cake, Gulnaz!!! Love the colours and the way you coordinated the actual rainbow cake with the ruffles!!!! Staying up late was really worth it!!!! Happy birthday to little Layla!!!

Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year to you too.


The Custom Piece of Cake ...

Gulnaz, , your cake absolutely gorgeous, love the colours.xox

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Thank you, Laura, Lisa, Sarah and Marlene, for your lovely comments! I tried my best for my gorgeous daughter! She deserved it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, my dear friends! Ho-Ho-Ho!!!

Starry Delights ...

Gorgeous :) xx

Little Apple Cakes ...

Gulnaz, this cake is as perfect as it can be, I can just imagine the time it took to mix all the colors and get the perfect shades of both fondant and the cake. It really represents the color and happiness of a child. Happy Birthday to your daughter! <3

Sofia Costa (Cakes & Cookies by Sofia Costa) ...

Gulnaz, this cake is stunning, love it! :)

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Thank you so much, Galyna, Yili, Selma and Sofia! Your lovely comments mean a lot to me! Thank you for putting into favourites.

Yes, dear Selma, it took long hours to make this cake and I am very happy with result, but most important that my daughter was very exited about this cake!

Goreti ...


Cakemummy ...

Great job Gulnaz. Brilliant result! :-)

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

Oh my goodness SO LOVELY Gulnaz! Now I want to do a rainbow cake lol. It looks so cheerful and I am HONOURED you chose to use my tutorial for your daughter’s cake =D. Happy birthday to Layla! Love the cake -ALL of it!

Sugarpixy ...

So lovely and colourful, I love it!!

Znique Creations ...

Very colourful! Lovely

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Lalaloopsy Rainbow cake