Cactus cake

I made that cake for my mother-in-law, her friends were coming with visit and she wanted surprise them


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SarahBeth3 ...

Good job. Reminds me of the one WhiskMeAwayCakes did with spaghetti!

Tetyana ...

Thank you very much I have Colette’s Cakes book and she tells to use tip 2 and RI, works great, I made that cake many times

Hannah ...

I love this. It’s really unusual and so effective. Great!

Tiffany Palmer ...

Great job!

Tetyana ...

Thank you very much Ladies! That is one of my favorite cakes to make, pretty easy too.

Cakebaker ...

Oh I love this cake…… Which one of Colette’s book is this cake design in please……x

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Cactus cake