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Location: Surrey

My passion is for Novelty cakes. I love realism too and enjoy experimenting with new mediums. Slowly but surely i am getting braver and my cakes are getting bigger and more detailed. I just love the fact that there is always more to learn and each and every cake is a whole new adventure :-D

Yve -



AWG Hobby Cakes ...

love your creations YVE – following your work xx

Yve mcClean ...

Aww thank you :-) x

Delicut Cakes ...

Love your work! You have anew follower!!

Yve mcClean ...

Thank you :-) I am following you both too x


hi Yve …came to visit u and follow you here too …your cakes are brilliant
love Sim Greg

danicakes ...

Love your work! Your creativity amazes me :)