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Aug 2013    Auckland, New Zealand    Website

I grew up watching my mum cooking and baking, but only really got into baking a few years ago when I started off doing cupcakes, later discovering that caking is literally in my blood, and that I am carrying on a family tradition of female cake decorators that spans generations. I came up with the name for my Facebook the night that I ran my first (and only) cupcake decorating night. I bake and decorate for the love of it, and use my page to share my passion and my creations. I particularly enjoy experimenting with flavours - my latest was a Creme Brulee flavoured cake with caramelized white chocolate buttercream, and freeze dried raspberries. I love any excuse to bake, and I like to challenge myself with new techniques. Apart from taking a few classes, I'm basically completely self-taught. Earlier this year I competed in the GoBake cake competition, and came 2nd for my flower pot cupcakes. While my cake didn't place I was extremely happy with how it came out given that I had never done anything like it before, and I already have some very exciting plans for the competition next year. I hope that you will check out my page and enjoy my creations. Thank you for supporting me in my caking adventure.

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