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Location: Mesquite, TX

I've always enjoyed baking. When I was younger, I took a home ec class and was excited when they informed us that instead of taking Foods I and Sewing I, we would be taking Foods I and II. This was over 25 years ago. LOL When my husband and I got married, a friend of my husband's offered to provide our wedding cake as a gift and recommended someone who soon became my mentor. Her cakes were just too adorable and I knew then THIS is what I wanted to do. I started taking the Wilton classes at my local Michael's store in November 2010 and began my journey. At the time, I was laid off from full time employment which allowed me a great deal of time for practice. I have since re-entered the corporate field, but am still pursuing my joy of baking. I tell everyone "this will be my retirement one day". :)