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Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Thanks to a friend suggesting I take a cake decorating class several years ago began my love of sugar art. I saw sugar flowers displayed at a cake convention and thought they were just amazing. I began taking classes and I instantly found it my passion and have since been creating them. I teach private classes and at our local cake shop and enjoy making photo tutorials.

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Thanks so much

Shaile's Edible Art



Shaile's Edible Art ...

Hi Everyone… I am not sure where this post will be displayed but I would like to share my FB page so you can see the flowers I post that are not on here and any info about what I do..

Shaile's Edible Art ...

It has been over 100 days since I have been on here. I have had a full plate as they say with all my sugar flower postings on my own blog and facebook. I have lost track of this page too. I noticed I had a 3 part tutorial on the Moth Orchid that I left without adding the 3rd part. I will post it.. I hope to keep up to date now and participate more. I have a couple extra tutorials I would like to share and photos too.
Thanks Shaile

Ashwini Sarabhai ...

Dear Shaile, you are such an inspiration… your flowers