RC cakes by Maria Rota Cullano

RC cakes by Maria Rota Cullano

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RC cakes was formerly known as Keyk atbp which started 1987 as a hobby and not a business. I only make cakes for relatives and friends and give them as a gift. I have learned basic baking from Nestle Philippines by attending their workshops and training conducted by the famous pastry Chefs like Penk Ching, Heny Sison, Aggy Villabona and Dorothy Pereira.
Now I am looking forward of learning more techniques in cake decorating. I keep on learning so I do online tutorials. I have many foreign cake decorator friends who heIp and give advise and recipes which I am very thankful for. I also teach on how to make fondant and decorate your cake. I can teach it by group or one-on-one.



Sandra Smiley ...

Hi Maria! Did not realize you were on this site. I am following your wonderful work! XO

RC cakes by Maria Rota Cullano ...

Hi Sandra!!! I’m not active here and I didn’t uploaded any photos before. Thanks!!!