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Hobbyist baker, I’ve always loved baking and baked cakes for my ever growing family, I love new projects and the chance to improve my skills. I am so lucky to have been able to expand my baking for friends and friends of friends. I am completely self-taught and my skills improve with every new cake I bake.

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Really sorry everyone, not been around for a couple of weeks and now need to try and catch up with looking at all your wonderful cakes! X

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Little Apple Cakes ...

Thank you so much for the follow Lyn, sending one your way too :)

Nanna Lyn Cakes ...

Thank you x

Bethann Dubey ...

A new follower :D

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Cakes by Janice ...

thank you for the follow! here’s one for you!

Nanna Lyn Cakes ...

Thanks Janice x

CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

Hi Lyn, thanks a lot for your follow and for the lovely comments you wrote about some of my cakes!!! You are doing a great job too, you cakes are lovely, and I will follow you too!!! Thanks again!!

Nanna Lyn Cakes ...

Thank you Malene

chefsam ...

Hello Lyn. Thanks so much for the follow and for all your kind comments. I really appreciate it. Xxx

Julia Hardy ...

Hello Lyn and thank you for all the kind comments. You have some lovely cakes here – sorting hat and Mini Cooper are especially fab! :-) x

NooMoo ...

Thank you Lyn for the follow and your wonderful comment. We look forward to seeing many more of your beautiful cakes! Nats and Debs :) xx

Tynka ...

Thanks for the follow and lovely comments. :-) will follow you too :-)

For the love of cake (Laylah Moore) ...

thanks for the follow, now following you too xx

Elli Warren ...

Hi Lyn!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for following. Your cakes are gorgeous and am now following you too!! Lovely to meet you and look forward to see more of your wonderful work!! :-) x

Cake Sweet Cake by Rory ...

Wow very wonderful cakes! Perfect! I follow you from Italy:)