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We found out my son was at risk of anaphylaxis to all nuts so then I very quickly had to learn to cook cakes. From a negative came a positive, I learnt I loved cake decorating!

I have been creating allergy friendly cakes: nuts (son), gluten and dairy (hubby), and egg (nephew) when visiting. So now we can enjoy safe, fun and yummy cakes together :)

To date I have been only making for family, friends and our preschool I am toying with taking it further.

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Ganache #1: First time making ganache

Hi I ganache for the first time. I made it this morning 1.3kg of the Aalst choc and 450g cream. I followed a recipe and was advised for that choc and weather I need closer to 1:3. So just guessed. So if I’m ganaching tomorrow do I put it in...



Judy ...

Thanks for the follow and happy to be your first! X

Sandra Smiley ...

Thanks for your support, Michelle! I very much enjoyed checking out your work and am following you. That pulled, blown, molded sugar piece is incedible!

Michelle ...

Thanks Sandra. Yes its all still new to me but I’m enjoying it :) The sugar work is what I’m really keen on so hope to be posting more now I have some equipment!