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Location: Pordenone - Italy

if you had told me ... that one day I would have approached this world and I loved it there would never, ever believed!
I was an interior and I loved my job, I liked seeing the happiness of the people who entered a home decorated by me, I have always found it much easier to design, disassemble or adjust an object rather than speak or express myself through the voice .
But life never asks you what you want and the challenges that face always put us to the test, some times more than others and so after a terrible time I found myself homebound for more than a year, I could not walk, do not I could go out and certainly could not work ... a different life in a different body and a hyperactive as I used to do 2 or 3 work together was not acceptable!
It 'started as this curiosity for sweets, something chemical, safe and creative at the same time that distract me from what was my life ...
A year ago, then a friend of mine asked me a super cake for his 40 years and so I have put to the test by trying the sugar paste .... It was love at first touch and I have not been able to leave!
The thing I like most about all this? ... see the startled look, smile and bright eyes of those who are in front of a decorated cake or a wonderful little cupcake ... and see again the wonder and pleasure once tasted!
This is what I want ... transform all the pain and suffering in smiles and joy ... I hope a bit 'in my small way to succeed ...

May's Bakery



NinaNails ...

This girl is a true talent!

Marica ...

thankx :-) i hope with hard work i’ll became good!