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Bakedincakedout ...

I love your figures hun! they’re so cute x

Madamegateau ...

Thank you!!

sonila ...

perfect work…i love it :)

Nicolette Pink ...

Your figurines are absolutely amazing! I have recently made my first one and wondering if you have done any tutorials? Or know of some really good tutorials? Thanks :)

Mandy ...

I can always tell it"s one of yours!…Your work is unique and amazing :)

Madamegateau ...

Thank you!!!! I don’t have any tutorials, but I am working on a book with Leonietje :o)

Laura Young ...

There aren’t too many books for this type of thing that I would want to buy, but I will definitely buy yours, amazing figures, exactly what I am aspiring too.

Samantha's Cake Design ...

I love your figures. Can’t wait to see the book, will definitely buy it. How did you make the globe for the space figure? It looks amazing.

Cake Sweet Cake By Tara ...

OMG !! love all your creations !!

Carla ...

Love It xxx