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Lunar Bakery

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Feb 2016    Maarn, The Netherlands

Hello you all!
I am a beginning cake decorator from the Netherlands, I've been at it (decorating! ;-)) for about half a year now.
I am a fulltime mommy and I love making pretty cakes (especially the ones when people say: I trust you to do your thing) when my kid is staking a nap or when it's his bedtime (note to self: you wil never again colour fondant when it is dark outside!).
Am always interested in learning new techniques and I hope tot learn from you all! Just learning ganache now and soon I will be trying to use an airbrush.
Hope that if you like my cakes, you'll comment. Or..if you have helping feedback, that's always welcome, thank you!



Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you so much for your support! Your work is awesome and I am following you, too!

Lunar Bakery ...

Ow wow what a great compliment!!! Thank you so much!