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Jul 2012    Canterbury, Kent, UK    Website

Since being at home more after having my daughter 2 years' ago, I've been enjoying cooking meals from scratch more regularly (we used to eat a lot of processed food to make life quicker and easier after work). So I started a blog to note down all the recipes and share recipes.

This then developed into me also baking more cakes, and I got really into baking different flavour cakes. I decided to set myself a challenge for 2012 - I am baking cakes for ALL friends and family who live close by for the year! I also went on a cake decorating course recently and really enjoyed it. I learnt lots of skills and now crave to learn more and more!!

I will post pictures of the cakes I have made so far for friends and family on here and look forward to receiving your feedback and tips! I also love looking at other people's creations and wonder, "how on earth did they do that!" so I will be spending lots of time looking through everyone else's pictures...I can't wait!!