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Gina Perroni

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Jan 2013    Mexico City    Website

I live in Mexico City. I´m married and have 8 year old twin boys.
I studied psichology a long time ago and I was a therapist for a while.
I taught in the University for almost 10 years.
When my kids started to grow i needed to find something else to do and after trying many things, I discovered that I was good at Cake Decorating.

It´s been a blessing for me to have found this profession because 5 years ago i was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my work is my therapy.

I´ve been mostly self taught but I also take every course I can here in Mexico and I want to find courses elsewhere.

Right now I have a workshop and 2 girls who work with me.

I love my work and although it is usually very relaxing, it can be very tyring sometimes. Like when i can´t sleep because i have too many cakes to finish.

Well, that´s me. I´ll be posting some of my cakes shortly.