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Oct 2012    Yorkshire England

Hi , I started making cakes about 3 years ago now, I'm self taught and have learnt from you tube and all the cakes sites I could find .the one person that started me to think I wish I could do that was when I picked up a Lindy smith book and she just made me want to give it a go . I learn more from each cake and keep sayin one day I will have some lessons to do things I've not done a lot of like piping and airbrushing two things I would love to do .
I love all things cake and sites like this where we can appreciate a lot of very talented people and draw inspiration from each other . Well that's me happy cakin people :-))) xx



Liz ...

Your cakes are fab, I love them all!

I started baking early last year but the learning isn’t going quick enough for me, I want to know and be able to do everything NOW! lol

Happy caking :-)

Blessilda Tishan ...

Awesome Cakes

Donnajanecakes ...

thankyou ladies :-))))) xxx

Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you for the follow, Donna Jane! I really enjoy your work and am following you back!