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Location: Liverpool

Hi my name is Chrissy and making and decorating cakes is my passion. It all began in 2010 when I was planning my wedding and looking for that perfect cake. The more I looked the more I was drawn in to the wonderful world that is cake decorating. I was amazed by all the gorgeous designs and fascinated by how they were created. I watched cakers at work and had the desire and want to try it for myself. Since then I have done various courses and self taught. I'm always creating new designs and so wish I had an endless supply of cakes & cupcakes to sit and decorate along with every cakey tool available. I love going to cake shows like Cake International & Cake and Bake and seeing all the different talent and creations out there as well as seeing what new tools, colours & techniques are available.
It is my dream to have my own cake shop selling cakes, cupcakes and all manner of decorating equipment along with teaching what I have learnt to other like minded people. I hope my dream will come day :) x

Chrissy, Liverpool,