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Quick Ref Guide - Wire Gauges for Sugar (Gumpaste) Flowers

Reference chart… very useful for beginners and intermittent flower makers

Rose thorn

Hope you can understand from images what I wanted to show you, it’s easy, just look carefully and enjoy.Rose with thorns are much more realistic, after you made the thorns, dust them with a little bit brown ,and a little bit red :)

Quick Tip

This is how I store and transport my wedding cakes until they are put on display. I can’t take credit for this, I saw it on the Ace of Cakes years ago. This plastic container of holding a 4 tier cake with a 15 inch base cake drum. A non-skid...

gum paste wheat tutorial

shells fondant tutorial without moulds

this is a photo tutorial in Italian but I hope that the photos can explain and help however someone! ;)