Shabby Style, Vintage, Scrap Cake & Co. ..... my passion sugary!
A custom style born from the passion for the shabby-vintage style and scrapbooking. A collage between what is old and vissutoed the story of something through the recycling of buttons, ribbons, bows and buttons .. This is my Passion Cake.

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Tutorial Tatty Teddy Dog

Let’s start with the split the different parts that make up the colorful character Divide the dough gray dividing the body, and 4 feet. And we begin to shape and assemble the body. With the proceeds blue a little head with...



CakePassion ...

Hi, I’m a new recorded and maniac sugar paste, go to peek at my creations. hello

Star Cakes ...

Stunning work! I love your style. New follower!

Sweet ObsesShan ...

Love your cakes, beautiful details. Have a blessed day.