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Hi my name is Alana a.k.a CakeLaydee. I have been blessed with a gift of creation. Cake decorating is just 1 of my MANY gifts. I taught myself how to decorate cakes as a hobby. I was always tired of getting cakes from the bakery that didn't look anything like the picture. So i started practicing on cakes for my kids,neighbors,friends, anyone that wanted a cake. I have come along way from my 1st cake. I put cake decorating on hold for many years but started back up again 3 yrs ago. It is still a hobby of mine but would love to eventually make it a full time profession. I am a professional licensed nail technician (another self taught gift ) for right now, so I still make an occasional cake. Hopefully after I get my nail salon to where I want it to be, I can go back to my #1 love and have my own bakery.


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Brittany ...

Hey CakeLaydee! lol. Do I add you or just follow you??