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Spongebob Figurine Tutorial

Smurf Figurine Tutorial

Cheap Boards Tutorial

This weird deviced is called Sheet rock circle cutter and can be found at your local harware store for about $12. I can’t live with out it!!!

Christmas placehouse :)

Hi everybody!! I made this tutorial a few days ago thinking about what I could put on my Christmas table for my guests and this is the result… sorry if I couldn’t write the text ( I had to translate from Italian :P ) but I think these are very...

Shimmer on cake (no airbrush)

Fondant cakes #1: Wacky Cake Tutorial

I made a WACKY NAUGHTY CAKE a few months back and thought I’ll share how I made it.A birthday gift from my client to her hubby dear on his birthday.She wanted a really wacky cake of a lady’s bust.Each…. had vodka miniature bottles inserted...

Tutorial #5: 3D World Cake

How to make a 3D World Cake . I bake my cake on the shape of a ball. Ganache it to join to sides together and to correct imperfection this also will give more strength to your ball. I always open my fondant bigger than the size I need, special...

Elf on the Shelf cake topper tutorial

My household is obsessed with The Elf on the Shelf this time of year so I had to turn the little guy into a cake topper. I took some photos along the way! I have several homemade face molds from my daughter’s dolls. I thought this Lemon...

Base Ball Cap Cake

This is my husband’s Birthday cake. Yes, he is a big fan of the New York Yankees. As always I took progress pictures for my blog and then decided that it would be best to make a video… So here’s the video. Here’s the cut cake. ...

Barbie Cake Tutorial

Turtoria Various photo’s detailing how to make this simple cake