Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Making simple cupcake toppers with a homemade stencil.

“Making simple cupcake toppers using homemade stencils.

How to draw a picture on a Cake

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Mickey Mouse Cookies

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How to make lulu caty cupcake toppers :)

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How- to #1: Make a giant cupcake cake without a cupcake pan

So here’s the thing…. I was asked to make a Giant cupcake cake on short notice for a six year old girl’s birthday party. I thought , no problem, I have the pan(which I bought over a year ago and have never used!) .Quoted my single layer cake...

Vanilla-Lavender Macarons

Today is my only child’s 21st birthday, her golden birthday. I have created an amazing birthday cake for her, and I promised her I would not post anything about her cake until after her birthday. Her birthday began at 12:01 am today, with me...

Sarah's Sunflowers

I’ve never done a tutorial before, so please bare with me and if anything isn’t clear, I’d be happy to answer questions about any of the steps. I chose to do a tutorial on my sunflower because I’ve had the most requests asking how to make...

Disney Cuties - Minnie

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Camping Cake Tutorial

I made this cake last year for my cousin’s birthday. Hope you enjoy it Click play to watch my tutorial More tutorials coming soon please like me on facebook and "subscribe on youtube ": ...

Filigree Butterflies - royal icing

Recently I have posted a couple of cake showing filigree butterflies (in cake album) .. I have often been asked how to make these butterflies and all that is required is patience and practise. they do not take long and always remember to make...