Reply Help! Cookie pricing

Elena Z ...

I have been thinking about this for days! I made almost 6 dozen snowflake cookies for a friends baby shower this weekend ( and since I had never made cookies to sell before I didn’t have a clue what to charge her mom and she ended up giving me a check for $150 which worked out to about $2.20 a cookie. I had told her that when I looked online to see what they usually go for I saw mostly the $4 range but that I thought that was an outrageous price……until it took me from 8 am on Saturday morning until 2 am Sunday, almost non-stop to prepare batter, roll, cut, bake, cool, prepare frosting and colors, frost, sugar dust, dry and detail all 68 cookies while my hand was cramping and even 3 Motrin couldn’t take the pain away! When I woke up at 8 am, my husband, daughter and I had breakfast and we starting cutting ribbon packaging cookies and tying the ribbons then curling them which took most of the morning with 2 of us at it (and a toddler crying for attention)! I can totally justify charging $3 or $4 a cookie now.

PLEASE, do not undervalue your time and efforts. I definitely should have asked for at least $200 but like they say, “Hindsight is 20/20”.