Reply Cake disaster!!!!!

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Oh dear. Never mind we all make mistakes and that’s how we learn. I agree with the other comments, looks like not enough support in the bottom layer. I had a problem with a shoe heel sinking into the top tier because the stick in the heel didn’t go to the bottom of the top tier, so I used a drinking straw. I inserted it into the cake, then the stick into the straw. It worked! Everything then became supported. Maybe next time you could use a small cake board, cover with fondant and then put the cradle and stork on the board. The weight would then be distributed across the tier and you could use dowels to support the board and decoration.

Don’t worry about it though, pick yourself up, dust yourself done and move on. You’ll laugh about it one day when your making fab cakes and you look back over your learning journey. Chin up. Thinking of you.

Sam, Samantha’s cake design