Reply Cake Decorating? Where to start?!

Koek Krummels ...

I started Cake Decorating when I was in desperate need of an income, because my husband just could not find work. Thankfully, he was blessed with work recently, but ever since, I’ve been very, actually extremely busy.

I also have followed no classes and is self taught. I started with Cake Decorating Books I bought at local stores and on various websites. Debbie Brown’s books are amazing. I found the books a better option that the You Tube option as it was less expensive and I can use it over and over. With You Tube you will need to pay for your bandwidth if you miss something and need to watch it again, unless you have lots available to you. I just adore my books.

I know have a full blown business and is so blessed. I always say, if you have a passion for something, you can only succeed!