Reply travelling a cake at 1,456 kilometer distance

Joanne Wieneke ...

I checked from your profile your location and its says you’re from Manila… I have travelled with my cakes in the plane and drove with them too (from USA to Manila).
It is best to use a pound cake or a dense cake (fruit cake or dense chocolate cake) instead of the lighter cake types as they stand to be more sturdy even at room temp. Bake your cakes ahead and wrap each cakes well with plastic wrap and freeze them. When you are about to travel, take them out of the freezer and place them securely in a thick box or styrofoam/insulated box, it will help the cakes stay cold until you reach your destination, should you have stopover, do not be tempted open the boxes to check them, they will be fine in the box. if you will check-in the cakes, what I do is I put each cake frozen in a cookie tin, and slip it in the luggage with each tin wrapped and tucked under my clothes to be secure. Torte and fill, ice and ganache and decorate your cake in your destination. Bring most of your important cake deco tools and materials. Goodluck!