Reply Oh humidity...why do you hate me so?

ClearlyCake ...

I’ve just read the CakesDecor Gazette, and laughed out loud at this bit: “I spent the next 2 hours smiling, chatting and laughing with the chant “eat the evidence’” “eat the evidence” running through the back of my mind.”
I made a cake where the party was being held in a park in the summer. Not only was it raining but it was also very windy. By the time we’d walked to the gazebo, the models had started coming apart, so I had to try piecing them back together. Then there were lots of kids wanting to touch the models on the cake. Inside my head I was just willing that cake to be sliced up and eaten :D
Last summer I made a cake with 5 ‘standing up’ sugar gerberas. It was quite a humid time, but being the UK, not what can be experienced in other countries. After 4 days they still weren’t dry, so I ended up having to dry them with the cold air on the hairdryer (air con is not a standard fitting in the UK). I still ended up keeping them in the flower formers until delivery, paranoid they’d flop.